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NFT artists: LadLan

LadLan, a young, passionate, genuine NFTartist.

This article does not have any basis on paid advertisement, affiliation, or sponsorship by any of the organizations or people mentioned below. This article expresses my opinion based on my personal experience and views.

NFTs and digital art are almost synonymous nowadays. I was always wondering about the artists behind NFTart. Who are these people, what do they look like, what are they thinking, how do they perceive the world? Luckily, I had the rare opportunity to meet and interview LadLan, a young, passionate NFTartist.

The LadLan philosophy

LadLan: Courtesy of Ladlan

LadLan is a Persian artist who wants to “express words and feelings by drawing and making art” because as she says “we humans trust our eyes more than our ears.” LadLan wants to transform the world, she wants to “turn ugly and bad things and pains into beautiful things” through her art. She intends to attract the viewers’ attention and make them think more about those topics. LadLan‘s art is telling “the story of pain and numbness.”

How did LadLan become an artist?

LadLan: Courtesy of Ladlan

I was curious about how LadLan decided to become an artist. LadLan explained that she was a very energetic and curious child with artistic inclinations. After exploring different disciplines such as music, photography, and fashion design, LadLan concluded: “in the end, what satisfied my soul was the production of paintings and art.”

About LadLan’s NFTart

LadLan believes that her NFTs reflects the spirit of her paintings. She remains genuine and never changed her artistic approach because of the market. LadLan intends to show the “words behind her work” to as many people as possible within the international community.

The End of Rape: Courtesy of LadLan

Being a techie most of my life I understand that artists are not attracted to technical subjects as blockchain, crypto and NFTs. This is why I was wondering if an artist could easily go online and use new technology such as NFTs. LadLan resolved my questions with her answer: “honestly, all of us humans are afraid of the unknown and we get confused quickly, but NFTs, like everything else, need study and awareness. With enough awareness, any subject becomes an easily understood subject.”

Civil War: Courtesy of LadLan

LadLan‘s NFTart is honest and bold, reveals her talent and transmits her messages. You can find LadLan‘s NFTs online at the Foundation app. Her NFTs are impossible to ignore or forget as they have an impact on the viewer. LadLan is an artist that will be recognised and discussed in the future as her beautiful and sensitive soul is reflected in her artwork.

You can find LadLan on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram and of course at the Foundation app.

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