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According to the Chartered Manager Institute (CMI) in the UK management in the 21st century will be changing its traditional form.

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Thank you for joining the Social Super Manager blog! This blog aims to connect social media to management and technology.

The reasoning and inspiration behind the blog’s name and merging those different yet interconnected disciplines is based on an article posted by the Chartered Manager Institute (CMI). According to CMI, management in the 21st century will be changing its traditional form. In the article ‘The dawn of the Super-Manager is upon us‘, CMI claims:

‘a new breed of leaders who are data-savvy and comfortable with making decisions on data points is rising. They are the ‘super-managers of the future’.

CMI: The dawn of the Super-Manager is upon us
Courtesy of Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

Importantly, super managers will be highly-skilled and experienced individuals that will be able to combine science with their managerial instinct and intelligence in order to solve problems and help their business grow. Indeed this new era of managers is rising!

‘Judgement will be paramount in super-managers. They will understand the data and the human impact. They will combine digital aptitude with creative thinking, and the ability and the motivation to analyse data.’

CMI: The dawn of the Super-Manager is upon us

Moreover, Maggie Buggie CCMI, global head of SAP Leonardo Services, recognizes that these new effective managers are going to become the norm as they will combine data science and emotional intelligence. Buggie characterizes the whole process as magical and recognizes that companies will constantly be in the need for ‘top-line growth.’

Courtesy of Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

From my perspective, obviously for years during the ‘post digital era’ it has become quite clear that management should be combined to technology. The world has changed and pretty much every aspect of businesses has changed. All things considered the equation is not complete if the ‘social’ element is not there. This is how the Social-Super-Manager was born.

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