Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit London 2019

AWS Summit London is an annual event that presents Amazon’s infrastructure cloud services and a vast number of Amazon’s partners that use AWS to provide various services.

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One more Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in London is over leaving the best impressions behind. AWS Summit London is an annual event that presents Amazon’s infrastructure cloud services and a vast number of Amazon’s partners that use AWS to provide various services. For those who are not familiar with Amazon, according to Wikipedia:

Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace and cloud
computing platform in the world as measured by revenue 
and market capitalization, the largest Internet company
by revenue in the world and the second largest employer
in the United States. Amazon is the world’s largest provider
of cloud infrastructure services (IaaS and PaaS) through
its AWS subsidiary.


In the keynote session which you can watch in the video below, Matt Garman, Vice President, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) AWS, presents in detail the set of services AWS offers to businesses to build applications to serve various purposes.

AWS Summit London 2019

Mr Garman, presents how organizations in the UK such as Sainsbury’s and the Ministry of Justice used AWS to expand and upgrade their services. Moreover, Mr Garman emphasizes in the variety of tools that Amazon provides for Developers and Data Scientists to help them incorporate Machine Learning into their applications. To give an illustration of this, Mr Garman uses the paradigm of HSBC that built a chatbot using Amazon Translate, Amazon Lex and Amazon Comprehend in order to help the company regulatory compliance function better serve internal stakeholders reducing process time from days to seconds.

Furthermore, Mr Garman presents how Amazon helps companies like Faculty to use Machine Learning models to access large datasets to meet the needs of thousands of data scientists. Similarly, Mr Garman presents the services and infrastructure AWS is using to perform complicated AI and ML operations. Some of them are Amazon Elastic Inference, AWS Inferentia, Amazon EC2 G4 Instances and Amazon Sage Maker. Likewise, Mr Garman speaks about AI operations that AWS provides with such as recognition image and video and forecasting and recommendations.

Finally, Mr Garman introduces Deep Learning tools such as the Deep Racer the 1/18th-scale race car that uses reinforcement learning to perform actions such as to stay on track. You can see more about the Deep Racer in the video below.

AWS DeepRacer League

Except from the very interesting information during the keynote session, attendees had the chance to attend several breakout sessions bearing tittles such as: Become a machine learning developer, learning how to use a million cores, DevOps at Amazon, Innovation, building application on AWS, driving digital transformation using AI, Amazon Managed Blockchain, AWS Get IT, Java on AWS, Cloud Data Management, IOT and many more.

What’s more, at the Summit expo one could find several AWS services such as the AWS Training and Certification Startup help, Deep Racing the AWS escape room and others. Except from AWS there were several exhibitors whose subject is around cloud, AI, ML, Data processing and storage and cloud applications and cloud infrastructure management.

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