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CMI Women: Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Featured image: courtesy of Christina Morillo from Pexels

According to BBC, since January 2018, Iceland is the first country in the world that enforces equal pay to women in the workplace.

‘Every firm with 25 or more staff must have a certificate showing they pay everyone in the same roles equally – no matter what their gender, sexuality, or ethnicity is.’

BBC: Iceland now the first country to enforce equal pay for women and men

Sadly, in many other countries, women are not treated as in Iceland. CMI Women postulates that in the UK there is still a chasm between theory and practice. According to CMI Women female managers are still subjected to ‘bias’ in the workplace. Thus, CMI Women calls for action alerting managers that now more than ever it is a necessity to support gender balance in the workplace and fix the ‘broken windows.’

‘Fixing these ‘broken windows’ is the most urgent challenge facing any manager trying to support gender balance in their organisation.’

CMI Women: Broken Windows

Video by CMI Women: ‘Achieving gender inequality in the workplace.’

To promote diversity in the workplace, CMI Women suggests the Blueprint for Balance, an innovative open source tool. By using the Blueprint for Balance, businesses have the opportunity to ‘download resources for best practice‘, ‘benchmark themselves‘, and ‘upload and share their resources to support the drive for diversity.

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